Ibrahim forms ‘Young Philanthropists of Pakistan’


Ibrahim Hassan Murad has formed an effective forum named Young Philanthropists of Pakistan. More than 20 young & leading businessmen of Pakistan have joined this forum which provides opportunities for philanthropy by gathering an exclusive group of young successful individuals to encourage empathy, generosity and giving among next generation business leaders, who will later on serve their country, nation and humanity.
Ibrahim Murad expressed his views while saying that the aim of this forum is to never reject anyone who is needy but to help them. He also shared that as a member of forum our first target is to have a billion rupee annual pledge, with pledges ‘ideally’ ranging from ten million and they will be disbursed by members themselves to different causes they feel passionate about.
As a founder of Young Philanthropists of Pakistan, Ibrahim Murad said that we as a team will put all efforts in taking this forum to new heights by serving the humanity with devotion of generosity.