I will be the President of the United States


Iqbal Hussain Iqbal

It is said that a blonde young man in the United States was studying law at the University of Surrey Queens. At the same time, he falls in love with Hasina, a university fellow, named Neila Hunter, and arrives at her house with a wish for marriage. The girl’s parents asked, “How will you earn and what will you do?”
The white young man replied that he would become the President of the United States. According to another tradition, this young man had promised his mother as a child that he would become the President of the United States.
To fulfil their dream, the young man began his political career in 1970 and ran for the US presidency for the first time in 1988, but failed. He ran again in 2007 but withdrew in favour of Barack Obama. He finally becomes the 46th President of the United States for the third time and today ((January 20), when he becomes the President of the United States, it has been a long time since his wife and mother passed away.
Yes, this is newly elected US President Joe Biden. Biden is said to have been determined in his 50-year political career. He has significant experience working with Barack Obama. They are also capable of solving problems easily. In one of his speeches, he said that I will be a president who will work to unite the people instead of breaking them.
The first goal of our politics is to solve public problems. He does not want to waste time in confusion and differences. Of course, the characteristic of a good leader is that he is concerned with solving domestic and foreign problems and getting nation out of the crisis.
Joe Biden’s victory has raised good hopes that the global situation will be balanced and that he will work to resolve global issues through mutual understanding. Just as hopes are being placed on Biden today, so was Barack Obama said to play a key role in resolving the Palestinian and Kashmir issues, for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
But Obama’s departure from the White House turned all hopes upside down. So it would be an exaggeration to call Biden’s presidency a good omen and to bridge the gap by speculating on the only hope for a solution to global problems. Only time will tell how effective his government policies are in solving global problems.
—The writer is a political analyst, based in GB