Honey-A nature’s gift



Honey is a sweet natural product, which is produced by bees generally from the nectar of flowers and sweet deposits from plants. It is a complex mixture that contains nutrients and bioactive compounds such as carbohydrates (primarily fructose and glucose), enzymes, proteins, amino acids, organic acids, minerals, vitamins, aromatic substances, polyphenols, pigments, beeswax, and pollen that contribute to its color, smell and flavor.

The composition and quality of honey are variable and it depends mainly on the botanical source of nectar from which it is obtained, but also depends on the geographic location, seasonal and climatic conditions, processing type, and storage.

Due to its special composition, honey is a functional food, which is consumed for its effects on human health. Honey is used in pure form after little or minimal processing as a liquid, crystals, or other types.—PR

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