KE committed to keeping industries powered up


Following the Federal Cabinet’s approval of moratorium on gas supply to industrial units for self-generation of electricity, K-Electric (KE) continues to remain fully committed to facilitating industrial customers in line with the Ministry of Energy’s (Power Division) direction to expedite fresh electricity connections and improve power supplies.


KE is closely engaged with the industrial associations and customers, through dedicated contact points to assess their needs and has collated accurate power demands of the sector.


Based on this, a comprehensive roadmap has been developed to enable the shift of captive industrial electricity demand to the power grid in the swiftest way possible. Industries where KE metering points already exist will be prioritized for load-enhancement while concurrently the power utility will be establishing industrial helpdesks to ease new connection applications for those industries where electricity metering points are yet to be installed.


Reaffirming KE’s will and ability to serve the captive industrial demand, MoonisAlvi, CEO KE stated, “Based on the survey conducted by our team with industry support, we have estimated that up to 300 MW energy demand can shift from captive to the power grid in the near-term and KE is fully prepared to progressively serve this demand.


In fact, we have already begun to process the applications that we have been receiving over the past few days. In addition, around 600 MW of power demand is expected to shift to the power grid by December 31st, 2021, following completion of the New Connection process and requisite enhancement of power equipment. Based on requirements, the power utility will undertake grid, substation and associated equipment installations and augmentations as a pre-requisite for serving energy demand.



We are confident that we shall meet the December 2021 timelines set by the GoPand look forward to expeditious support for land and construction permits and Right of Way (RoW) approvals from city administration in this regard.




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