Hold fair and transparent elections before it is too late: IK

US sees Pakistan useful only to clean up
Tariq Saeed

Reiterating demand for the early elections former prime minister and Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Imran Khan has warned the government and other stake holders to announce the date for the polls in the country before it is too late and he gives call to his supporters.

“Once I give call to my supporters, a flood of people would move towards Islamabad for each and every corner of Pakistan to rid the country from the imported government as that would be my last call”. The PTI supremo declared while addressing a mammoth public rally in Haripur Hazara division on Wednesday.

Imran said the PTI never believed in criticizing the institutions adding we have only one demand that those at the hell of affairs should emancipate the countrymen from the “imported and corrupt government by holding fair and transparent elections in the country. “Quaid-e-Azam used to say that after getting liberation from the British rule we will not play second fiddle to anybody and would make our own independent decisions but the situation today is otherwise that I will not allow to happen at any cost as the country needs real independence. Imran said and added “The country’s decision must be made by herself and not somewhere else. This is the spirit of the real independence”.

Imran said the nation cannot be befooled any longer as it is fully awakened and can make its decisions without any dictation. He said the PTI government was making deals with the Russia for purchase of cheap oil but my government was toppled under an international conspiracy.

“Zardari and Shareefs have been looting the country for the last three decades, Zardari was sent to jail and when he came back , he started plundering the country again. This is ironical that the country’s wealth is looted by the Zardari and Company and Shareefs and paid back by the poor masses”, former prime minister lamented.

He said we have been waging Jihad for the real independence and we have decided in clear terms that we will not participate in any body’s war nor would we take dictations by any one. “We will make our own decisions”. Imran maintained.

Imran alleged that the Shahbaz Gill was subjected to worst kind of sexual torture during his detention which is a slap on the face of a civilized society. This has been even proved in the court. “This is not done in any country and will definitely take to task all those involved in this inhuman act”. He warned.

He said on 25th may our people were subjected to worst kind of torture through police that has earned bad name to Pakistan in the comity of nation. Imran said on 17 May By-elections despite rigging the ruling alliance was inflicted upon humiliating defeat that made their legs trembled ( Kaampain Tang Gaeen).


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