Hindu pilgrims arrive in Pakistan to celebrate Shivratri


As many as 58 Indian Hindu pilgrims arrived here on Thursday through the Wagah border crossing on a seven-day visit to participate in Maha Shivratri celebrations at the Katas Raj temple in Punjab on Feb 18.

The pilgrims, led by Indian former minister Karan Dev Kambroj, were received by Additional Secretary Shrines Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) Rana Shahid on behalf of Chairman ETPB Habibur Rehman Geelani.

Talking to the media, the secretary said the pilgrims would spend a day in Lahore and then leave for Katas Raj temple where the main celebrations would be held on Saturday. The pilgrims would return to India on February 22. “I welcome the pilgrims coming to Pakistan not only from India but from all over the world on behalf of the Pakistani government,” he remarked.

Karan Dev Kambroj, the head of the delegation, said on the occasion the central celebration of the Shivratri would be held on Saturday at Katas Raj temple along with Deepmala and fireworks. He added that on Feb 19, the pilgrims would return to Lahore from Katas Raj and visit various religious sites including Karishna Mandar Ravi Road and others on Feb 20.

Other members of the delegation expressed their great happiness and pleasure after arriving in Pakistan. They expressed their satisfaction over arrangements made for their facilitation during the visit to Pakistan.