Highly qualified candidate can’t be recruited on low-scale job: Top Court


The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Monday ruled that a highly qualified candidate could not be appointed on a low eligibility post. The apex court on Monday released a written order of a case related to an appointment rejected by the Lesco of an engineer for the post of a line superintendent.

In its written order, the Supreme Court said that it is not a discriminatory or arbitrary decision of the institution if it does not appoint a more educated person on some post. A candidate who does not fulfill the company’s policy cannot be appointed, no matter how much education he has acquired. It is not the task of the court to judge the eligibility of a candidate. If a more educated person is appointed on a low eligibility job, then it will entail social consequences, the SC observed.

Lesco had cancelled the recruitment of engineer Waqas Aslam as line superintendent in 2015. Mr Aslam moved to the Lahore High Court and challenged the decision of Lesco. The LHC accepted his plea and ordered his appointment as line superintendent. But Lesco challenged the Lahore High Court decision in the Supreme Court which gave its decision in Lesco’s favour. The SC order released on Monday was written by Justice Mansoor Ali Shah.