Health education and digital Pakistan

Shahzad Lodhi

THOUGH it may take time to see people of Pakistan becoming tech savvy it would certainly be a massive transformation of society as a whole once it turns into a reality.

Making personal visits to government departments for little jobs as citizens cost time, energy, resources and sometimes end up in anxiety.

A complaint a citizen wants to lodge against the public service department should be one click away instead of numerous personal visits costing time which can be utilized somewhere in a productive activity.

Prime Minister Complaint Portal is a step in the right direction. Perhaps this is why itis said ‘Time is Money’.

Developed nations have for a very long time realized this fact and equipped their inhabitants with modern technology saving time and simultaneously using it somewhere else they require.

For us to see Pakistan among developed nation’s affordable education and health services for all is as important as the same law for the powerful and powerless.

Once any elected government is successful in making affordable education and health services for all a reality in Pakistan it would be a real game changer.

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, a prominent leader of Pakistan Movement, did advise Muslims of India prior to independence to learn English and educate themselves if ever they wish to compete with the English. Those were visionary people who could foresee decades ahead.

I have lived half of my life in England. Sailing around mid-40’s I personally believe alone it’s quite an uphill task to see Pakistan digital unless you combine this dream and efforts with an ‘affordable education for all’ right from Khyber to Karachi.

There is no harm in declaring an education emergency in Pakistan. In England if parents do not send a child to school unnecessarily there are heavy fines.

The English government has made it mandatory that children who happen to be in school going age must go to school. And if they don’t there are severe legal punishment for parents.

Our Prime Minister Imran Khan is a Londoner himself and his speeches are on record manifesting his adoration for the English and English system particularly law.

Honourable Prime Minister if you succeed in replicating England’s NHS (National Health Services), UK’s education system i.e. affordable quality education for all, rule of law and last but not the least repositioning Pakistan on a digital mode no doubt you would be remembered by this nation as a savoir.

It was indeed good to read recently Federal IT Minister Amin-ul-Haq remarks in a section of the press as chief guest at the 5G Trial by National Telecom Operator PTCL.

Amin-ul-Haq said the Prime Minister is committed to seeing the country turning into digital. The Minister did mention his Ministry is also looking into how to achieve goal of making Parliament an e-Parliament as advised by Prime Minister.

It’s a good omen our national telecom operator PTCL is progressing and the recent 5G trial should be a pride for us.
—The writer is a freelance journalist, based in Islamabad.

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