Health cards to benefit the poor: PMI chief


Postgraduate Medical Institute Principal Prof Dr Sardar Mohammad Al-Freed Zafar has said that modern research in the world of medical, the discovery of new medicines and modern techniques in the field of surgery have brought untreated and obese diseases as curable worldwide.
He expressed these views while addressing a seminar held in the Pediatrics Ward of LGH on the occasion of Children’s Cancer Seminar. He said that these innovations were saving millions of lives. He further said that I am proud to say that in the Child Ward of Lahore General Hospital, all drugs for cancer, diagnosis and treatment of cancer were totally free of cost.
Similarly LGH has distinction to provide free medical treatment to the kids having eye cancer by birth.
Prof Agha Shabbir Ali, LGH, Medical Superintendent, Dr Mahmood Salah-ud-Din, young doctors, nurses, children and their parents, including Prof Muhammad Shahid, Dr Aafia Arif, Dr Umair, Dr Azam Muzammil and Dr Abdul Aziz, attended the seminar. Toys, school bags and other items were distributed among the children who were healed through cancer disease at LGH.
Parents of the children said that when they learned of the cancer-like illness in their children, they were offended but thank Allah Almighty that an institution like Lahore General Hospital provided their children with the best possible medical treatment facilities and they were able to live a satisfying life today.
On this occasion, Al-Freed Zafar said that it was a matter of concern for the diagnosis of cancer disease in 8,000 children every year. He said that there was a dire need of creating awareness among public on this topic so that parents can take in time steps in this regard. Prof Agha Shabbir Ali in his address told the seminar that there were 12 types of cancer in children, most of which were blood and brain tumors.
He said that the diagnosis should be made as soon as possible so that proper treatment could be started. Dr Aafia Arif mentioned the symptoms of blood cancer in children, saying that constant fever, pain in the body and bones, red spots on the body, blood from nose and mouth are also precautions in cancer among children which must be taken seriously.
She said that parents should take immediate notice of symptoms such as blood, vomiting and glands in the neck she added that CBC and blood tests are helpful in blood cancer, so consult the physician through the diagnosis and test procedure without any delay.

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