Hazara police deployment Eid


Abdul Khaliq Qureshi


Hazara Police has chalked out detailed and comprehensive security program on the occasion of Eid and had deployed at least 7,000 police force in all the eight districts of Hazara division.
DIG Hazara Qazi Jamil Ur Rehman in directives to all DPO’s has said that keeping the ongoing epidemic of COVID-19, the responsibility of the police force has been increased to many fold where the utmost efforts will be providing safety and security to thee citizens with the implementing government directives on different issued especially keeping social distance, use of mask and avoiding the rush in the city shopping malls and bazars.
Qazi Jamil further said that patrolling in the sacrificial animals manndi’s, bazaars and close contacts with Ulema’s to be done for the holdings of the Eid prayer under special protocol. Traffic Wardens is asked to chalk out special traffic plan for the Eid days while all DPO’s to monitor the security situation by establishing the control room with increase of patrolling in plan cloth and also in uniform. Special attention to be given to bus stops.

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