Tribe demands implementation of stay order


Nasib Shah Shinwari


Elders of Mukhtar Khel tribe addressed a press conference at Landikotal press club the other day and demanded justice from the high ups to resolve their land dispute with Pero Khel tribe peacefully. The elders Haji Awal Jan Shinwari, Haji Khalil Shinwari, Haji Shafiq Shinwari, Mabit Shinwari, Ismaeel Shinwari and a dozen other talked to the news conference and accused a tribe of Pero Khel of illegally occupying land.
Elders said that district Khyber court has already issued stay order but the local police officials were not implementing the stay order of the honorary court. The elders said and accused that Pero Khel tribe illegally started construction work on land where construction of houses had already banned by Jirga during the year 1972.
Police officers have arrested only Mukhtar Khel tribesmen and it was injustice and discrimination that police here don’t arrest the opponent group persons. Elders stated. They demanded justice and settlement of the dispute through peaceful negotiations and elder Jirga.

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