Have a happy day..!


AH! For all of you who wake up grouchy on a Monday morning, or is it Tue, or Wed, or Thur or Fri, here’s something for you: An officer who had some urgent business to transact reluctantly dialed his assistant at six o clock in morning.
After several rings a sleepy female voice answered and told him he had the wrong number. He apologized, hung up and scouted in vain for his telephone diary to re check the number. A little while later he risked dialing again and was embarrassed to hear same voice. Expecting a rebuff, he started to apologize profusely. But woman interrupted him. “There’s no need to be sorry,” she said assuringly, “I’m sitting by my window enjoying a truly beautiful sunrise. I would have missed it if it hadn’t been for your previous call which brought me here. Thanks!”
Well, well, well, haven’t we all been woken up by some nut who can’t dial right? I wonder whether we can convert that irritation into a beautiful moment, a moment when one can view beauty as the lady did, or maybe just lie in bed and be thankful for being able to lie in bed and having a bed..!
At a high rise building in a large city, the manager of a company was waiting for the lift on a bleak Monday morning. He was soon joined by a lady from his department who was humming away cheerfully. Being of a grouchy disposition, he turned to her angrily and asked, “What is there for you to be so happy about?” Pat came her sing song reply: “I have never lived this day before!” I love that statement. Can you imagine what it is to look forward to a brand new day? When all that’s happened yesterday is over and done with and the today beckons, fresh and innocent and ready to be used in whatever way you wish?
When the skier is bluer! The air fresher! The sunshine warmer! There will always be kill joys like that man in the lift, who snarl and growl and make the day worse for everybody around, but you don’t have to pick up their mood, not at all: The story is told of how a village bully once used abusive language against Buddha who was passing by.
Turning to him without flinching, Buddha asked, “Son, if a person declines a gift offered to him, to whom does the gift belong?” “To the donor I suppose,” said the man. “My son,” said Buddha, “I decline to accept your abuse, please keep it for yourself..!” Ah! For all of you who wake up grouchy on a Monday morning, or is it Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday or Friday, here’s wishing you a happy day..!

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