American Chess grandmaster Hans Niemann has filed a $100 million defamation lawsuit against Chess’ world champion Magnus Carlsen, and other parties for slander and libel.

The lawsuit was filed at a US District Court in Missouri and also lists Carlsen’s online chess platform Play Magnus,’s executive Danny Rensch and American grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura as defendants.

The tension between the two stems from Carlsen accusing Niemann of cheating during their match at the Sinquefield Cup which Niemann won to everyone’s surprise. Carlsen then decided to withdraw from the tournament leading to worldwide speculation.

Hans Niemann, in his defamation lawsuit, now claims that he has been blacklisted by tournament organisers since the feud became public.

In a statement on Thursday, lawyers for said there was no value in Niemann’s allegations and that the company was saddened by his decision to take legal action.

“Hans confessed publicly to cheating online in the wake of the Sinquefield Cup, and the resulting fallout is of his own making,” said the statement. “ looks forward to setting the record straight on behalf of its team and all honest chess players.”

Niemann has previously admitted to cheating in online games during his youth for which he served his ban but continues to refute claims he used ill means during the over-the-board games. banned Niemann after the first match against Carlsen and in a report claimed that the American likely cheated more than 100 times in online games. The International Chess Federation (FIDE) is already investigating the matter.

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