Hamdard celebrates Independence Day with national fervour


Staff Reporter

Hamdard Pakistan has celebrated 72nd Independence Day in befitting manner with national fervor on Thursday by holding an impressive ceremony, presided over by Mrs. Sadia Rashid, Chairperson, Hamdard Pakistan at Hamdard Corporate Office, Karachi.
On this occasion whole Hamdard Corporate Office was decorated with national flags, buntings and balloons of green and white colours, depicting the colours of national flag; and all Hamdard’s employees including the chairperson and Managing Director & CEO, Hamdard Pakistan and Mutawallia Hamdard (Waqf)AmnaHumayun Mia wore national dresses of national flag’s colours with miniature badges of Pakistani flag to celebrate this auspicious national event in the wake of new Pakistan.
Mrs. Sadia Rashid, Chairperson, Hamdard Pakistan and president of Hamdard Foundation Pakistan in her presidential address said: ‘we celebrate this 72ndIndependence Day with renewed hope, promise and expectations for a stronger, developed and prosperous Pakistan and should pay thanks to our elders and national leaders who gave us a beloved homeland making great sacrifices and glorified our lives with all the colours of freedom and dignity as Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said, founder, Hamdard Pakistan says: “Freedom is life, slavery is death”. Hakim Saheb also said: “We should always see what we can do for our country”, she added.
‘If we act according to the famous saying of Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said: “Love Pakistan – Build Pakistan”, we can make Pakistan a stronger, developed and prosperous country and overcome all national problems in short span of time’, she said, adding that every Pakistani should always keep this saying in mind and value freedom.
She said, Hakim Mohammed Said was against the extravagant use of money on marriages as he said that very costly food of Rs. 8 crore were served in wedding ceremonies in Karachi out of which of Rs. 2 crore rendered wastage daily. It was a great loss of food and money, Hakim Saheb often lamented. We should do economy in all matters of our lives in order to increase national saving, country badly needed to, she concluded.
A cake was cut by Mrs. Sadia Rashid, FatemaMunir Ahmed, Managing Director & CEO, Hamdard Pakistan respectively and Mrs. AmnaHumayun Mia, Mutawallia, Hamdard (Waqf) Pakistan.A ‘Pledgewall’ was also installed to write the comments by the participants on Independence Day and freedom of Kashmir on the occasion.
On the prayer for the freedom of Kashmir this auspicious event was ended in which distinguished guests, directors, dy. directors, managers and staff of Hamdard Pakistan participated.

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