Haleem points out at Bilawal’s trips


Leader of the Opposition Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Shakih asked Bilawal about his foreign visits by government’s expense.

In a tweet Shaikh said that details regarding the visits of Foreign Minister have not yet been received. Will the Ministry of Foreign Affairs tell Bilawal who bears the expenses of his personal secretaries and security staff everywhere?  What was the difference made with the foreign minister’s visits? Bilawal’s visits are weighing heavily on the country.

He said that the purpose of visits is only to look for a job. This is what happens when you get a government for a box of cherry blossoms. If the government’s focus is on looting the country, then the country becomes bankrupt. All companies are shutting down but the imported rulers are only engaged in overthrowing Imran Khan.

The opposition leader said that there is no industry left, Is there any organization left to sell the road?