Haleem, others indicted for rioting

Observer Report

Opposition leader in Sindh Assembly belonging to Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Haleem Adil Sheikh and other people nominated in a case registered at Karachi’s Gadap City police station were indicted at Malir court on Saturday.

Denying all the charges of blocking the Super Highway and rioting, all the accused namely Sameer Mir Sheikh, Amjad, Haseeb, Muhammad Ramzan and others told the court that they had been implicated in a false case; that police raided their farmhouses without any justification only to victimize them.

Adjourning hearing of the case till April 17, the court summoned the witnesses on the next hearing.

Later talking to the media, Haleem Adil Sheikh said satirically that anti-corruption, and not anti-coronavirus, vaccine, was required in Sindh. “There is no democracy in Sindh, but a civilian dictatorship,” he commented.

He thanked the media for communicating ‘the truth’ in his case to the people. PTI leader said it was because of the Sindh government’s ‘incompetence’ that the people of the province were at the mercy of stray dogs.

“Around Rs920 million were allocated for killing these dogs. And still, the dogs population is increasing with each passing day,” he said.

“Now the bench hearing my case is at risk because of the provincial government.

In fact, anybody who talks on people’s issues and exposes the PPP government’s weaknesses risks inviting its wrath,” he opined.

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