Haleem Adil Sheikh announces anti-corruption drive to save Sindh


The Central Vice President PTI and Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil Sheikh, Saturday, announced to start the “Eliminate corruption – save Sindh” campaign for getting masses rid of corrupt PPP government.

Haleem made this announcement while addressing PTI workers convention in Ghora Bari town of district Thatta and speaking to masses gathered to welcome him at Dhabeji, Gharo, Mirpur Sakro, Buhara and other towns during his visit to Thatta district and earlier at a press conference along with district leadership of PTI Malir here at Gulshan-e-Hadeed in Karachi.

During the visit, PTI MNA Ataullah Khan, PTI leaders Mir Arsalan Brohi, Pir Zaman Shah Jilani, Ahsan Adil Sheikh, Aminullah Musa Khel, Dr Masroor Sial, Gohar Khan Khattak, Murtaza Shah Jilani, Hanif Bangash, Arshad Shah Shirazi, Abdul Razzaq Shujra, Hafeez Jokhio, PTI Women Wing leader Shahnaz Baloch and other leaders were also accompanied.

A large number of political workers and local leaders belonging to PPP and other political parties  while expressing confidence in Prime Minister Imran Khan and policies of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf has announced to join PTI.

Haleem, addressing the press conference, said that PPP had ransacked district Malir with corruption of billions of rupees as education, health and other sectors had been completely damaged while elected representatives were not doing anything for their voters but were selling villages of Malir and jobs.

PTI will field candidates in coming general and local bodies’ elections at each constituency of Malir, he said and vowed to get Malir free from clutches of all the agents of the mafia.

Haleem said that COVID-19 had  played havoc with the global economy and the entire world was facing high inflationary pressures and strong economies like the USA and Germany were experiencing the highest ever inflation of their history.

Prime minister Imran Khan dealt with the crisis efficiently without completely shutting down the economic activities so that low income groups and daily wage earners could survive the harsh implications of the crisis, he stated adding that Ehsas emergency cash assistance was provided to over 26 million deserving population of the country as well.


PTI and its leadership was capable of steering the nation out of the post-COVID crisis as well , Haleem said and informed that the federal government was working on provision of targeted subsidies on essential items of daily use to low income groups.

He said that Pakistan depended heavily on import of petroleum products and international prices affected local rates as well but the federal government did not pass on the rise to consumers and significantly reduced taxes and duties to provide maximum relief to masses.

On the other hand wheat is produced locally but rate of wheat flour in Sindh is 20 rupees higher than Punjab and KPK and Bilawal-led PPP was staging a protest drama against dearness, he noted and added that Sindh cabinet was informed that 1.6 million tons wheat worth billions of rupees went missing from ware houses of food department.

Rats of Sindh cabinet had eaten wheat of billions of rupees but the CM did not take any action because he himself and his leader Bilawal Zardari was involved in the corruption, Haleem alleged and went on saying that PPP had not only stole wheat but also sugar, water, vaccines of COVID-19 and medicines including of HIV/AIDS that was rapidly spreading in the province.

There was vast scale corruption in education, health, irrigation and other departments of Sindh government while schools, hospitals, roads and other public facilities were in dilapidated condition and all the rural and urban areas of Sindh were depicting scenes of ruins, he observed.


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