Govt to launch power saving drive in its offices


Federal and Punjab governments have decided to launch a power-saving drive in government departments, sources said on Monday.

“Air-conditioners of the Grade-17 to 20 officers will be kept shut for three hours during the working time,” sources said.

According to sources, the government has decided to keep the officers in loop after general public in its power-saving campaign. The Wapda, LESCO, FBR and Railways departments will be part of the drive.

“In provinces, irrigation, communications, finance and other departments’ offices will be included in the campaign,” sources said.

“The government has a target of saving 30 percent electricity monthly, in the power saving drive.

“All secretaries will submit their power-saving plans to the government. In case of the monitors found an officer in violation, he will be liable to pay the bill personally,” sources said.

The government has decided to promote a culture of power and petroleum saving in the country.

The prime minister and chief minister have given free hand for enforcing the power conservation plan, sources said.

The federal government wants the officialdom to go side by side with the general public.