Govt introducing public friendly transport under EV policy: Amin


Staff Reporter


Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam Friday said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government was introducing public-friendly transport system under a new Electric Vehicle (EV) policy which would provide cheaper transport facilities.
Talking to a private news channel, he said multiple initiatives have been taken by the incumbent government to promote manufacturing as well as the adoption of EVs in country, adding, this is an important step for Pakistan’s future when it comes to pollution free environment and reduced vehicle prices.
He said vehicle making industry have a huge advantage as they already have the infrastructure, the just needed to replace the fuel engine with a battery EV system, he added.
He said encouraging more people for electric vehicles was priority of the government for controlling climate change, adding, with introduction of electric cars, trucks, vans and even tri-wheeler rickshaws, the rate of pollution and smog will drop down.
Amin Aslam said another advantage of the policy was affordable transportation as the cost of running electric vehicles was much lower than that of plying vehicles on petrol, Condensed Natural Gas (CNG) or other fuel.
He also expressed the hope that the use of electric vehicles would help the government drastically cut import bill of oil and it will further boost local car industry which would create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the country.