Govt appoints Zahir Shah as acting-NAB chairman after Aftab Sultan’s exit

Zahir Shah NAB

Islamabad: Deputy Chairman of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Zahir Shah has been appointed as the acting chairman of the anti-corruption body after the unceremonious exit of Aftab Sultan on Tuesday.

According to a notification issued on Friday, Zahir Shah will continue as chief of the anti-corruption agency until the next chairman is appointed.

“In pursuance of the proviso[n] to Section 6(b)(v) of amended NAO 1999, Mr Zahir Shah, shall act as Chairman, National Accountability Bureau, with effect from 22-02-2023 and till the appointment of new chairman, under the ordinance,” stated the notification issued by Additional Director NAB Syed Izhar Shah.

Chairman NAB Aftab Sultan steps down

Zahir Shah, who has been acting as NAB deputy chairman, is already looking after the anti-corruption agency since Aftab Sultan tendered his resignation from his office as the bureau’s chairman.

The newly-appointed acting chairman has been working with the body for more than a decade and already held several positions in the organisation, including the coveted post of Director General NAB Rawalpindi.

In October 2021, he was appointed deputy chairman of the NAB, a position in which he oversaw the organisation’s administration.
Since the post of NAB chairman is a constitutional position, the prime minister makes the appointment for the office after consulting the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly.

However, in the absence of the chairman, the deputy chairman serves as the acting chairman, though he does not have the powers of a constitutionally appointed chairman. Only the chairman has the power to approve the filing of any reference in the courts.