Gold Rate24K Gold22K Gold21K Gold18K Gold
Gold Per Gram per Gram Rs.9422 Rs. 8637 Rs.8244 Rs. 7067
gold 10 gram per 10 Gram Rs.94220 Rs. 86368 Rs. 82443 Rs. 70665
gold per tola per Tola Gold Rs.109900 Rs. 100741 Rs. 96163 Rs. 82425

Gold Price In Pakistan

It is a known fact that gold is not merely a metal, it is a universal symbol of wealth, beauty and success. This is the reason why this exquisite metal is mined, intricately processed and circulated. Although gold has always been the priciest object one can possess, the last few years have witnessed a significant swell in gold prices. Today's gold rate is higher than ever.

The gold rate in Pakistan has increased due to uncertainty brought by the pandemic and the financial and economic downfall that came with it. Upon seeing gold prices in Pakistan today we would notice a significant rise from the gold rates in 2020.

When we talk about gold rates in Pakistan today, it is imperative to consider the London Bullion Market. That is because the value of the Pakistani’s rupee is a lot lesser than Euro, Dollar or Pound. This also contributes greatly to increase the gold prices in Pakistan.

Gold is the king of all metals

Although there are myriads of precious metals in the world, gold is downright the most valuable.

Given its immense worth, gold is also considered a great investment option. Although most popular gold manufactures are in Peru, United States, Canada, Russia, Australia, and South Africa, it is the famous standard of money all across the world, including Pakistan.

In terms of regular use, gold is kept by a common man as a venture. Similarly, given the astoundingly high gold rates in Pakistan, it is kept by a regular Pakistani as something that could back them up if a monetary mishap takes place. It is also kept to acquire benefit and make extra money from it.

Contrary to what most people think, gold is not only accessible in the form of adornments, it can also be bought in bars and coins.

How many grams are there in 22k gold?

Ideally, gold is calculated on a fraction basis and usually, the purest gold is 22/24. This implies that gold is composed of 91.67% pure gold and the rest 8.33% is a metal alloy. To put it simply, if you have 10 grams of 22k gold, you are in possession of 9.1666 metal alloy as well.

What is the gold situation in Pakistan?

Given the beauty and the significant gold rate in Pakistan and all across the world, it has been used for several years in the country. A lot of women in Pakistan have been using it in their accessories and many business persons have used it as a viable investment.

The gold accumulated in IMF and London Bullion Market is constant determinants of its price in Pakistan. Besides the aforementioned international factors, the gold price also keeps fluctuating in the country because of various factors. The reason why the gold rate in Pakistan is increasing stems from the fact that the rupee’s worth is lower than other currencies and is constantly declining.