Gokalani files resolution against end condition of ID card in census



Deputy Parliamentary Leader of Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) Nand Kumar Gokalani filed a resolution in the Sindh Assembly calling the abolition of the requirement of identity card in the census in Sindh as an excess and injustice on the part of Sindh province.

In the resolution submitted to the Secretary Sindh Assembly, Nand Kumar Gokalani has said that lakhs of Afghans, Burmese, Bengalis and other foreigners are living in Sindh, Sindh province is already bearing the burden of foreigners, while in the new census Abolishing the condition of ID card is a decision based on excess and injustice from Sindh. This decision will cause more disappointment among the people of Sindh.

He said that in the census it has also been said that people from other provinces and countries who have settled in the city for more than six months should be declared as citizens of that city. It is a blatant violation of the provincial laws, therefore the Sindh Assembly should approve this resolution of mine.