Give a giraffe kick..!


It was as the forty plus politician, the beginnings of grey stubble on his cheek, looking down and despondent, walked away from the hospital, where his mother, suffering from post covid complications lay, that he saw the old sage outside, “You look down in the dumps!” said the kindly old man. “Who wouldn’t be,” whispered the young dimpled politician, “My mother’s in hospital, my party in the doldrums, my men scrambling to leave my sinking ship, and the ED and other government agencies at my doorstep! Nothing much I can do, except…” “Run to Argentina where your girlfriend is and hide!” said the sage a twinkle in his eye, “Or settle down in Italy and run your grandpa’s bakery!”

“Whoa! Whoa!” shouted the young politician, “Do you know who I am?”

“Yes, you are linked to some of the most illustrious names this country has ever had, but in not fighting back and wallowing in self-pity, you as a leader are not teaching the youth and others of our nation the most important lesson in life, ‘to give yourself a giraffe kick!’” “What’s that?” asked the young man. “Well,” said the old man, “Let’s see how the animal kingdom handles the problems you are having: Baby giraffes learn a very important lesson early in life. As you know young man, the birth of a baby giraffe is quite an earth-shaking event: It falls from its mother’s womb, some eight feet above the ground. It shrivels up and lies still, too weak to move. Like you are doing now!” The young man looked questioningly at the wise sage, who continued, “And then something unbelievable happens. The mother giraffe lifts her long leg and kicks the baby giraffe, sending it flying up in the air and tumbling down on the ground. As the baby lies curled up, the mother kicks the baby again and again until the baby giraffe, still trembling and tired, pushes its limbs and for the first time learns to stand on its feet.”

“Happy to see the baby standing on its own feet, the mother giraffe comes over and gives it yet another kick. The baby giraffe falls one more time, but now quickly recovers and stands up.”“Mama Giraffe is delighted. She knows that her baby has learnt an important lesson: Never mind how hard you fall, always remember to pick yourself up and get back on your feet!” “Why does the mother giraffe do this? She knows that lions and leopards love giraffe meat, so unless the baby giraffe quickly learns to stand and run with the pack, it will have no chance of survival!”I have no idea if the young dimpled politician listened to the advice given, but if he doesn’t, it’s time we the people start doing what the mother giraffe does, not just once but enough times for him to know we mean business..!


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