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Mental illness

Covid-19 has an adverse effect on mental health of people belonging to different age groups. Unemployment, global warming, political instability and poor distribution of basic resources among masses are topmost factors ramping up mental illness cases e.g. anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. Besides this parents are unable to understand problems of their children. Their conventional thoughts and methods to deal with real-life challenges are pushing present generation into turmoil. No doubt, parents are more experienced than their children. But they need to understand that new situations are evolving with time and hence solutions. Home is where you live with your family peacefully.

If parents fail to provide a peaceful environment to their children, it could exacerbate mental illness cases. Furthermore, deteriorating mental health affects productivity of an individual. Educational Institutions should also play a role by providing counselling sessions. Moreover, media could also extend help through promotional campaigns regarding mental illness.



Drug addiction

Drug addiction has become an alarming problem in the whole country and in particular Karachi city. Most of the people in Karachi city spend a lot of money on drugs, as well as look for ways to earn money illicitly. Those addicted become impaired in all aspects, as they have lost contact with their families.

Above all, approximately in every street people use and sell various kinds of drugs for instance crack, ice and heroin etc. I request ANF and other concerned authorities to take strict action against those who are peddling drugs and harming our society.




Drug addiction among Baloch youth is destroying their life. According to a report by United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) among these 78 percent are males and 22 percent females. No doubt people who have become addicted their lives are being destroyed by this damaging habit. Main reason is poverty along with other problems that they are facing. The youth in Balochistan feel neglected and deprived. Sometimes they are compelled to commit suicide. So I request Balochistan government to take major initiative for Balochi youth to save their lives.



No to student politics

It is a matter of great sorrow that our educational institutions having rich heritage and prestigious past have always been badly effected by student politics. Students’ participation and understanding politics is a good thing yet ultimately it gave rise to ethical, sectarian and cultural radicalism among them.

Recent riots that happened in Punjab University, one of the biggest educational institution in Pakistan, is clearly an example of what this radicalism is doing to our students. It not only effects educational atmosphere of the institution but also badly affects other students psychologically. It is time for concerned authorities to think about this matter seriously and to take some practical steps rather than just talking to ensure a peaceful, conflict free environment.


GCU, Lahore

Food adulteration

Developing country like Pakistan is presently facing menace of inflation, which is increasing at an alarming rate each passing day.

This in turn resulted in deadly adulteration in every edible item of daily use. Inflation has badly affected people’s daily life and standard of living in Pakistan where a large number of people belong to poor strata of society. People belonging to different trades make all efforts to earn a livelihood using different adulteration techniques to earn more money at the expense of people’s health.

Such adulteration in edible items leads to harmful effects on health such as gastro-intestinal disturbances and other stomach disorders. According to a report by PIMS (Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences) there was a 30% increase in reported gastro issues in just one year. Gastrointestinal issues have become common in Pakistan, due to poor living conditions, adulterated food and contaminated water.

It is need of the hour that government chalks out an effective strategy to reduce not only inflation but also control food contamination for sound health of common man in Pakistan.



Improper use of loud speakers

Through this column I would like to highlight insensitive use of loud speakers. During social and religious festivals loudspeakers used at very high volume and that creates serious disturbances to general public. Students and patients are seriously affected. Enormous sound distracts attention of students from their studies while patients can’t sleep.

Most of the organisers don’t maintain any schedule while meetings and processions of political parties go on by blowing loud speakers at top voice. Such noise pollution is harmful to everyone. Law enforcing authorities should take proper action against such people. I feel concerned authorities should take necessary steps to eradicate this nuisance.