Drug trafficking rises in SW

Adam Khan Wazir

Drug trafficking has reached its peak in the South Waziristan (SW) tribal district, including Wana, Jandola, Tank and Dera City. Police have remained silent spectators.

Apparently no action is seen, those who are caught are being cheated for money. Most of the youth became addicted to drugs due to this dangerous fog.

In this regard, people’s party (PPP) South Waziristan President Aman Ullah Wazir demanded of RPO Dera to take immediate legal action against those involved in drug trafficking. Sources said that in South Waziristan Wana, Jandola, Tank and Dera city and its environs, the smuggling of cannabis, opium and powder has reached its peak and the number of drug addicted youth is increasing day by day. It should be noted that due to this evil curse, many mothers have lost their laps and drug dealers are smuggling drugs in droves.

Due to which theft and robbery have also increased. However, on the other hand, the police claim that we have taken legal action has been taken against several drug dealers.But the situation on the ground is strange.