Girls at Badakhshan university say covering faces unhealthy



Female students in the northern province of Badakhshan said that they have been told by the Ministry of Vice and Virtue to cover their faces inside the university.

The students said that they have been struggling with heat because of being obliged to wear black clothes and masks in the university.

“There are some girls who have pneumonia problems and cannot use the mask, so we are against wearing masks in the class if it is possible to do so,” said Royta Tahiri, a student.

“As we consider their wishes, they should also consider our situation as humans, and as women are half of the Afghan society,” said Kamila Noorzad, a student.

They also complained about the mistreatment of the officials of the ministry toward the female students.

“They have a treatment which is very aggressive toward women,” said Palwasha, a student. —TOLO


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