Ghee, cooking oil prices hiked up to Rs30 per kg

Observer Report

The ghee mill owners jacked up the prices of cooking oil and ghee from Rs18 to Rs30 per kilogram besides reducing its supplies on Thursday.

No res-pite has been seen in the prices of essential com-modities as edible oil and ghee rates were increased by Rs30 per kilogram.

Sources said that the ghee supply to the state-owned utility stores was also closed as the supplies will be resumed following the new prices.

The manufacturers claimed that cooking oil and ghee prices were jacked up after the gov-ernment imposed three per cent additional sales tax.

The price of executive grade edible oil was in-creased from Rs310 per kilogram to Rs328 per kg while the rate of grade two cooking oil was the hike from Rs290 per kg to Rs320 per kg.



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