Ghawadar jeep rally was held


Ghawadar jeep rally was heldWithout attribution please Gwadar Jeep Rally 2021 was conducted from 14-17 October 2021 at the emerging economic center of Gwadar.

The event which started with an exceptional Opening Ceremony on Marine Drive Gwadar entered the Qualifying Rounds on 15 October. 16th and 17th of October were reserved for the main events of Stock and Modified Categories of Jeeps.

More than 75 Jeeps of various categories coming from all over Pakistan participated in the event, including 16 international participants from Iran and 6 female drivers as well.

125 km long track was prepared for the rally along the Gwadar and Jiwani coastline and the Makran Coastal Highway.

Drivers who participated in the race appreciated the track conditions and termed it thrilling and challenging.

As in any other tough competition, few racers could not complete the race because of technical faults, yet expressed that they were glad to have participated.

They said, “It’s not about winning or loosing, rather it’s the spirit which matters. We came for the thrill and to enjoy the beauty of Gwadar and we have achieved our goal.”

The guests were particularly thankful for the all out assistance rendered to them by the Army and civil administration for the event. The guest drivers went around various scenic points of Gwadar, Jiwani and Pasni to enjoy the beauty.

They said that the coastline adjoining the attractive and unique landscape of Gwadar is no where to be found. Participants of the race also enjoyed a dinner hosted in their honour at sea side.

Meanwhile, locals of the area, particularly the business community is happy over the multi fold increase in businesses because of the conduct of the event and economic activity.—PR

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