Ghani demands lodging of treason case against Imran Khan for violating official secret act



Sindh Labour and Human Resources Minister, Saeed Ghani, has said that a treason case should be lodged against PTI Chairman, Imran Khan, for violating the Official Secret Act, harming the national interests, and undermining the constitution.

The Sindh Labour Minister made the demand to this effect on Friday while talking to a media person after inaugurating the three-day furniture expo here at the Expo Center.Saeed Ghani said that they always protected the national interests and duly honoured the oath of their office.He said the PTI Chairman while delivering his speeches had violated the Official Secret Act numerous times.

He said that Imran Khan should be arrested for undermining national interests.He said the Supreme Court had also acknowledged that Imran Khan had violated the constitution.To a question, Ghani said that Imran Khan was such a favourite person that he wasn’t held accountable even if he brazenly spoke against the national interests.He suggested that the PTI Chairman should be tried under the treason charge for violating the Constitution.

The Sindh Labour Minister was of the view that Imran Khan could not further remain in the arena of politics.

He said that everybody knew well that Imran Khan had been made to win the 2018 general elections through fraudulent means.

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