GDP growth outcome of govt’s prudent economic policies

Staff Reporter

Minister for Energy Hammad Azhar has said that the GDP growth is the outcome of our prudent economic policies despite the negative impact of Covid-19.

Giving an economic outlook at a news conference in Islamabad on Saturday, he hoped that the economic growth would reach four percent during the current financial year.

He said this is not a temporary growth but will be sustained and further strengthened.

The Minister said large scale manufacturing grew by nine percent during the first nine months of current year and country s export has been recorded 3.2 billion US dollars in the month of March.

He said the foreign exchange reserves have touched the level of 23 billion US dollars while remittances have witnessed a growth of 39 percent in the current year.

The Minister said the cement production has seen a record production of 17 percent while better crop prices have benefitted the farmers community.

Responding to a question, Hammad Azhar said the government has a management plan to address the issue of circular debt.

He said that the government will expand the social protection programs to help the low income group

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