SECMC joins hands with two NGOs to promote greenery in Thar

Staff Reporter

The Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) have joined hands with two leading non-governmental organisations in the country to exten-sively promote greenery in the Thar desert area of Sindh.

The SECMC in this connection has signed a memo-randum of understanding with the Dua Foundation and National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH).

The MoU was signed by CEO of SECMC, Abul Fazal Rizvi; Chairman of Dua Foundation, Muhammad Amir Khan; and President of NFEH, Naeem Qureshi

The MoU has been signed under the long-term vi-sion of planting a million trees in Thar area.

The MoU is particularly aimed at planting 50,000 tree saplings in Thar area. The MoU envisages a proper institutional mechanism to monitor these saplings after their plantation for proper growth.

The SECMC will provide these saplings to the Dua Foundation for plantation in the Thar area.

The Dua Foundation has extensive experience in promoting agriculture and greenery in Thar area.

The SECMC undertakes this initiative under its CSR-related obligations to improve the environment in Thar by doing extensive plantation especially in the surroundings of the operational area of the com-pany.

The SECMC will also make sure that these 50,000 saplings belong to different plant species.

The Dua Foundation will be responsible for adopt-ing a comprehensive plan to plant these saplings along with the provision of the resources required for the plantation activity.

The NFEH will have a supervisory role to ensure the success of the plantation campaign.

The NFEH will also conduct a mass media campaign to let the general public know about such efforts to promote greenery in the desert area of Sindh to encourage more institutions and philanthropists to make simi-lar efforts.

The MoU envisages that a working committee, comprising of the representatives of the three or-ganisations, will be constituted to properly steer the affairs related to the plantation campaign.

The working committee will preferably meet once in each quarter either physically or via the video-conferencing system.