FO’s prompt rejoinder



THE Foreign Office has done well by promptly rubbishing claims of the Kabul Government that the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is neither founded in Afghanistan nor operates on its soil.

Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed Sunday that this movement, along with other terrorist groups, is recognized as the enemy of peace, stability and prosperity in Afghanistan and the region and the Afghan Government fights against this terrorist outfit like any other terrorist group without discrimination.

Pointing out that the assertions of the Afghan side are contrary to facts on the ground and various reports of the United Nations, Pakistan Foreign Office said that as against the Afghan claims, there are over 5,000 TTP members in Afghanistan.

These are not hollow statements as Pakistan has provided documentary proof of presence of TTP on Afghan soil and its anti-Pakistan activities in several dossiers that were provided to the UN and influential members of the international community.

In its reports, the world body too has highlighted the presence of anti-Pakistan TTP on the soil of Afghanistan.

Pakistan was forced to approach the international community as its repeated attempts to engage the Afghan Government meaningfully on the issue received lacklustre response from Kabul, confirming reports that anti-Pakistan elements were being nurtured by Afghan and Indian intelligence agencies.

While Pakistan has demonstrated its sincerity in the war against terror by launching indiscriminate action against all terrorist outfits, Afghan Government neither bothered to take action against TTP nor shared its information with Pakistan, which speaks volumes about its real intentions.

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