Foreign investment is proof of world’s trust in govt: Aleem


Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan has said that 88pc increase in foreign investment in the financial year 2020 is a good omen.
These views were expressed by Aleem Khan while talking to various delegations on Sunday. The minister added that the global investment of $2.5 billion in the country this year is an encouraging initiative. Abdul Aleem Khan said that investment in new projects in Pakistan by countries like China and Norway would create new employment opportunities for the country and our economy will grow rapidly.
Abdul Aleem Khan said that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision is leading the country to development and prosperity and overcoming all difficulties and challenges. He said that in the last month of the financial year, an investment of $170 million was made which included telecom, microfinance banking projects, hydel power projects and mega oil and gas projects which is undoubtedly is the credit of present government.
Aleem Khan said that under a well thought out plan, some elements were promoting negative news rather than development and positive aspects so as to divert attention from the corruption and bad governance of the previous rulers.
He further said that the fact that huge investments in various sectors of Pakistan from abroad are an expression of full confidence in the personality of Prime Minister Imran Khan as the world knows that Pakistan’s current leadership is based on real development and people’s core rather than showmanship and believes in solving problems of the masses.
Aleem Khan further said that corruption and commission mafias have been clearly discouraged in the last two years and the country’s development agencies are performing better than ever before. He said that Insha Allah by the year 2023 PTI government will be more on its manifesto and Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team will not shy away from any step to make the country one of the developed nations.
On this occasion, Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan was briefed on the problems and grievances of different areas and on taking note of them, he also issued orders for their immediate solution.

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