Flood devastations, Pakistan army and political leadership | By Abdul Basit Alvi


Flood devastations, Pakistan army and political leadership

DEAR Readers, after the earthquake of 2005, another big disaster has hit the country. Estimated loss to the economy of country is above 10 billion dollars.

The flood situation in Pakistan has worsen over the past two weeks as heavy rains continue to cause flooding, and landslides resulting in displacement and damage across the country.

The role of our Governments and Political parties is not much appreciable during the relief activities.

All parties are running behind point scoring and saving his political image. Humanity is drowning while political parties are struggling hard to get their part in ruling the country.

No party has real concern with the problems of people in need. The only light among the darkness is Pakistan Army which has played a very positive and proactive role during this disaster.

Our Army is actively running a comprehensive Rescue and Relief operation. Relief and Rescue Organization have been activated under Head Quarters Army Air Defence Command.

They have already started an emergency relief operation in all notified affected areas. Helicopters of Pakistan Army, Navy and Air force are working day and night in rescue and relief operations.

So far more than 40,000 people have been shifted to safe places and to over 137 army administered relief camps.

Pakistan Army has provided medical aid and medicines to more than 23,000 people in their temporary medical facilities.

Army has delivered more than 3700 tents to the affected people from their own stock. Along with this, on special instructions of Chief of Army Staff, Army has distributed more that 1500 tons of food stuff from their stock.

Army Chief has said that they will not sit until all affectees have been safely rescued. The role of our Army is excellent and in fact our Army is a role model for our political parties.

Pakistan Army is doing their best without sake of any reward and appreciation. General Public’s role and attitude in Relief activities is also much impressive.

My daughter who is a student of 11th grade was asking me how she can send some stuff to flood affectees.

She wants to buy something from her pocket money. The other day my office colleagues were sharing their experiences of sending relief goods via Pakistan Army and some humanitarian organization.

These are just few examples which show dedication and association of people with the grief and loss of flood affected people.

People of Pakistan are fully charged and committed to help the people in need.The same spirit needs to active and promote further.

Pakistan Army and Relief organizations are there to assist the people who really want to help the people in need.

It’s the voice of whole national that our political parties also needs to keep their differences and personal interests aside and work for humanity seriously.

It’s the time which will remain in the minds of affectees for deciding that who was with them and who was not at this critical moment.

Please come out of the race of point scoring and do something in practical for helping the affectees. Pakistan has given a lot to you and now it’s your turn to do something in return.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Islamabad.


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