FIH produces document for cautious return to action



As National Associations start to make plans for a safe return to hockey activities after the necessary restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federation of International Hockey (FIH) has produced a document to help and support Continental Federations, National Associations and clubs through the process.
The guidelines, which are aligned to those issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO), cover the entire hockey workforce – athletes, coaches, officials, staff, administrators and volunteers. Along with a risk assessment chart to which all hockey organisations are advised to adhere, there are also guidelines for organisers of international events once there is a return to international competition.
With the progression of the virus at different stages across the globe, the guidelines should be used by Continental Federations, National Associations and clubs, alongside local laws and policies, providing their own bespoke guidelines for hockey providers within their area, the FIH said in a statement. .—APP


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