Fifth covid-19 wave could hit Pakistan this winter: Dr Faisal

City Reporter

Pakistan could face the fifth wave of coronavirus in winter this year as people have stopped using facemasks, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Health Dr Faisal Sultan warned on Monday.

In an interview, Dr Sultan said that the government has achieved vaccination targets to some extent.

“Millions in the country still need to be vaccinated against coronavirus,” he said, adding that these people are at no risk.”

In total, more than 150 million people in the country need to be vaccinated, he said. So far 26 per cent have been fully vaccinated and 20 per cent more have received a single dose.

Second dose is vital for protection against Covid. He said that despite a sharp decline in covid-19 cases, fifth wave of coronavirus could hit Pakistan if the pace of vaccinations is not increased.

“To ensure there is no fifth wave of covid, we have to meet vaccination targets set.” We will remain vulnerable if a large segment of population is unvaccinated, he added.

Talking about rising in dengue cases, he said there are three to four factors involved in the dengue virus. Besides mosquitoes, climate change, hygiene and immunity also plays part in the number of cases.

Dr Sultan said that there was a dangerous wave of dengue in Lahore 10 years ago. Every few years, there is a wave of dengue virus, he added.

“Steps are being taken to control dengue but the number of public health workers are limited.

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