FDE takes steps to boost educational institutions’ performance: Dr Ikram

City Reporter

Federal Directorate of Education has taken numer-ous steps to boost performance of ICT Educational Institutions, including audit of previous four years of educational institutions, distribution of cheques worth Rs120 million among families of bereaved employees, launching of blended-e-learning pro-gramme and implementation of Learn Smart Class-room project in the 80 schools.

Talking to media, FDE Director General Dr Ikram Ali Malik Monday said that the audit would be con-ducted of the fees charged from children during last four years, bank accounts, hostel funds and gradua-tion funds.

The details of the employee salaries, evening shifts and the expenditures of the vehicles were also being investigated. The embezzlement in the expenditures of model colleges were also being probed.

The details of vouchers, cashbook, vehicles log-book, stock register and the approval of the authori-ties concerned for hiring of daily wages have been demanded from FDE educational institutions, he said.

FDE was taking key initiatives to resolve the issues of teaching and non-teaching staff and public educa-tional institutions of Islamabad on priority basis and also to resolve the record number of promotion cases of teaching and non-teaching staff during last six months, said Dr Ikram.

He said, as many as 500 science teachers would join FDE educational institutions through Federal Public Service Commission during the current year.

While more than 200 fellowships would be awarded to the graduates of country’s ten renowned universities, under a project of World Bank.

He said that all cases of pensions have also been resolved. According to Dr Ikram Ali Malik, the cheques worth Rs120 million had been distributed among 30 family members of deceased employees, who died during service at different educational institutions.

He said that dues of family members of bereaved were pending since 2013 due to lack of funds, add-ing that a supplementary grant of Rs380 million had been taken for the early provision of dues among them.

In line with the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan the use of technology in the education, he said, an agreement was signed among FDE, Knowl-edge Platform, Tele Taleem and Robotics mean for launching of Blended Learning project.

Blended learning is an approach to education that combines online education materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place based class-rooms methods.

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