Fazal’s Azadi march


LEADER of JUI(F) Maulana Fazlur Rehman has announced ‘Azadi’ March towards Islamabad in October this year, adding that the federal capital would be locked down on the pattern of plans announced in the past by PTI. Talking to media in Islamabad after a two-day meeting of the Party that deliberated on Kashmir situation and the lockdown plan, he criticized the government for its policy on Kashmir and alleged that the government was working against the interests of the people.
There are yet two months for the plan to materialize and no one knows what happens during the intervening period. There is no doubt that the opposition including JUI(F) are fully entitled to air their grievances and hold the government accountable for its performance. It is, indeed, job of the Opposition to strictly monitor policies and programme of the Government and take it to task if something wrong is found. However, the timing of the move does not seem to be appropriate as the country is facing a grave external crisis due to Indian Prime Minister’s unilateral decision of annexation of Occupied Kashmir. India is not only using extreme types of draconian tactics to suppress voice of Kashmiris but is also flexing its muscles to engage Pakistan into a serious conflict. There is, therefore, need for greater national unity to counter the threat. Political instability harmed the country immensely in the past and we would be repeating the same mistake if realistic approach was not adopted by politicians. It is also responsibility of the Government to address legitimate concerns of the Opposition as this would help promote national solidarity.