Farmers voice concern over closure of Arazi Record Centre


Sher Gondal

Mandi Bahauddin

Arazi Record Centers in Mandi Bahauddin like other districts of Punjab have been closed since Monday, Nov 11, 2019 for unlimited period. Previously the centers remained closed on Monday and on other days of the week they functioned. These centers were established to end influence of the Patwari and check fraud and forgery by revenue field staff. However this objective has not been achieved, the protesting farmers in front of locked Arazi Record Centre complained.
They raised slogans to open the centers, stop corruption in revenue department and Arazi Centers. They told electronic and press media persons that before establishment of Arazi Centers they had to visit Patwari for resolving their problems relating to land record. Now they have to shuttle between Patwarkhana and Arazi Centre for correction of record and preparation of Fard Badar.

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