Farmers should use seed of approved varieties by Agri Dept


    According to the spokesman of Agriculture Department, Punjab the process of wheat cultivation is going on in Punjab.

    Black coloured wheat is being advertised on social media by some vested interests. The farmers have been informed by the Department that black wheat has been analyzed in ISO certified laboratory of Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, and black coloured wheat advertised properties and additional nutritional claims on social media are found completely false and baseless.

    So, it is advised by Agriculture Department, Punjab that farmers should cultivate wheat by using seeds of only approved varieties of the Department .

    whose seeds are available from Punjab Seed Corporation and private seed companies.

    The spokesperson further said that Legal action is being initiated against those who are involved in selling un-approved black wheat seed. Farmers should not pay attention to the rumors on social media and complete the cultivation of approved varieties of wheat as soon as possible so that the production does not decrease.