Fares of People’s Bus Service to be increased


The Sindh government on Monday makes it clear that the recent hike in fuel prices has left it with no choice but to raise the prices of new public transportation providers operating under the People’s Bus Service.

Sindh Minister for Information, Transport and Mass Transit Sharjeel Inam Memon visited the site to review the pace of construction for the BRT Red Project Corridor in Karachi.During his visit, the minister said that the fares of the People’s Bus Service are being revised and will be increased in a phased manner as the bus service cannot bear losses due to the diesel price hike.

“The fares of People’s Bus service will not increase at once but in different phases,” said Memon.Sharjeel Memon said that the provincial government reduced the expenditure for development projects and decided not to cut any expenditure on Public Transport Projects for their completion on a priority basis.