Exporters will have to travel to Brazil to seek new markets: Olyntho

Staff Reporter

A Webinar was held by Karachi Council on Foreign Relations (KCFR), wherein His Excellency Olyntho Vieira, the Ambassador of Brazil in Pakistan was the plenary speaker, chaired by Ikram Sehgal and Moderated by Huma Baqai.

The Ambassador found that present time was much more challenging than the past romantic times of Diplomacy for interaction with other states.

He said though Brasilia and Islamabad are 14000 KMs apart but the two countries enjoyed excellent relationship.

He added that exporters and interested businessmen will have to cross this distance to expand their businesses into Brazil.

The Ambassador briefly narrated the history of Brazil from 15th Century when Portugal colonized this area which remained so for about four centuries when the King of Portugal shifted his Empire’s seat from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro and returned to Lisbon after Napoleonic wars leaving his son behind who declared independence in 1822 and after another 75 years Brazil was established as a Republic.

From the Demographic point of view the population was mainly from Portuguese origin and slavered Africans; however, during the last two centuries with immigration from Europe and Asia, Brazil has become a country with multi ethnic origins.

He informed that Brazil was the first Latin American country to establish diplomatic relations with Pakistan.

Over the last two decades one head of the state has travelled to Brazil and twice Foreign Ministers from Brazil have travelled to Pakistan.

He informed the members of KCFR that we now witness a lot of progress in technical cooperation between our countries and we have signed MOUs in many fields.