Experts discuss environmental impact on human life


Staff Reporter

A conference on “Combating Air Pollution, Saving Lives, Saving Planet” organized by the Department of Environmental Sciences, Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) in collaboration with Foundation for Progress, Ministry of Climate Change and National Health Services was held here on Wednesday.
The Environmental experts called on the political leadership, government and policymakers for concrete and substantial action to reduce the air pollution and short term climate pollutants. The expert discussed in detail the environmental damage, particularly its impact on human life and social settings.
While addressing the conference, Adviser to Prime Minister and Federal Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam said that Ministry has taken a number of steps to counter the problem of Air Pollution at different levels in various sectors including industry, farming and transport . He said Ministry is working on Electric Vehicle Policy, which is likely to be tabled in upcoming meeting of the cabinet for approval. He said under the policy thirty percent vehicles will be shifted on electricity up to 2030.
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali, Vice Chancellor, Quaid-i-Azam University said that every one of us should take the responsibility to look after our planet. He said currently a lot of development activity is going on in the country. He emphasized that energy and infrastructure projects should be environmental friendly. Dr. M. A. Wajid, Chairman, Foundation for Pakistan, said that Air pollution is a deadly man-made problem affecting us all. “ No matter what we do, or where we live, rich or poor, the young and old we all breath the same air, polluted with microscopic toxic pollutants, penetrating deep in to our bodies, risking our health and lives” he added.
Dr. Wajid said that combating, controlling and preventing Air pollution is not an easy task; it requires a joint effort at national level. He said it also requires policies for Eco-investment, cleaner transport, energy efficient homes, clean power generation and better municipal waste management. Chairperson, Standing Committee on Climate Change, Ms. Munaza Hassan, Dr. Sohail Yousaf, Department of Environmental Sciences, QAU, Dr. Pervez Amir, Engr. Tariq Muhammad Khan, Mr. Gul Najam Jami, Engr. Asad Mehmood, Dr. Mazhar Iqbal Zafar also addressed the audience.

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