Experts demand sufficient water in downstream

Our Correspondent

Speakers on Sunday in a water conference, called by Shah Inayat Adbi forum in Thatta press club, expressed their concerns over non release of sufficient water harmful for lands of Sindh and demanded to release water in downstream same time held federal government and IRSA responsible for capturing water of Sindh and demanded provide water according 1991 accord in Indus system and also stressed upon the people of Sindh to get United over the water issue for equal water distribution among the federating units.

Water expert Nisar Panhwar, Sanator Sassui Palijo, Chairman Sindhi language authority Dr Mohmmed Ali Manjhi, Dr Mukhtiar Mahar, liaqat Jamari Obhyo Khushik and others were among the speakers, said that Sindh is faced a huge water shortage and federal government and IRSA have done nothing to ensure rightful water share of Sindh.

They regretted over the situation said fertile lands of Sindh have been turned to barran.

Water expert Nasir panhwar said that past of Sindh was rich of water but the climate change has converted it to poorest Sindh and it faces now acute water shortage and the increasing heat could make the situation further worsen.

He said it has been forecasted by environmental experts that increasing heat could cause sino melt that he said would create water shortage and food security because of that crops will provide 20 percent production less.

He said in past the sea was leaving the lands of area but now it has started cutting lands by its intrusion.

Seeing the future water crises he said in comparison of other provinces Sindh has less ground water so he stressed upon the need to create more ground water resources to face the coming challenges owing climate change, that could badly impact at Sindh he added.

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