Every woman’s success should be inspiration to another


CEBO Management Company had celebrated International Women’s Day with Habib Cooking Oil at Beach Luxury Hotel,  This step was taken by renowned celebrity Chef and social activist Chef Samia Jamil and CEBO Group Team to bring our most talented team to the hi-tea by Habib Oil.

Chef Samia Jamil went there as a President, Founder & Community Leader of CEBO Group & CEBO Management Company.

Women are doing wonders in this world and to recognize their efforts, CEBO Management Company has decided to throw an appreciation event for them along with the most women empowering brand Habib Oil.

The major goal of the event was to make it easier for our lovely audience linked with our CEBO group to understand that an ambitious woman with strong willpower is no less than a lioness who, no matter how many obstacles she encounters, never stops pulling herself towards her dreams!!

CEBO Management Company had given awards to their moderators to give them a token of appreciation.

The moderators of our group are also entrepreneurs and such ambitious entrepreneurs women of our CEBP Family who were on their track of helping and getting their families a luxury lifestyle but they couldn’t get all the lovely hype they should be deserving according to their hard work input so that’s when we decided to hype up our very own moderators.


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