EU DisinfoLab exposes India News Agency for running false propaganda



The EU DisinfoLab, an NGO that focused tackling sophisticated disinformation campaigns, found that leading Indian media

outlet Asian News International (ANI) was involved in using non-existent sources to spread propaganda against Pakistan and China.The organisation revealed it in its latest investigation into

anti-Pakistan/China influence operations and follows up on two previous investigations published in 2019 and 2020.“The investigation looks into a number of non-existent organisations, bloggers and journalists who are regularly quoted by Asian News International (ANI),” read the DisinfoLab’s blog. It added that the content of ANI was also reproduced on well-known digital portals such as

Yahoo News.ANI had previously been accused of reporting the Indian government’s

‘version of truth’ by independent magazine The Caravan. Moreover, two previous EU DisinfoLab investigations have revealed that ANI regularly quoted the defunct ‘EP Today’ and ‘EU Chronicles’, two fake media outlets supposedly specialising in EU affairs that were, in fact, created to push anti-Pakistan/China narratives in India.—NNI