Essential to get rid of outdated political culture to end poverty: Tahir


Former parliamentary leader of MQM Azad Kashmir and ex- minister of tourism and transport Muhammad Tahir Khokhar has said that in order to end the poverty, ignorance and unemployment of Azad Kashmir, we should get rid of the outdated and rotten political culture.

Talking to various public delegations here on Monday Tahir Khokhar said that the MQM has started a struggle to free the people of Azad Kashmir from the corrupt political culture. He stated that few families have usurped the rights of 90 percent of the people for their power. The privileged classes are united for their family political interests and business interests, while the people are being fought in the name of politics.

He said that MQM is the only political movement in the country which has fought for the rights of the people not just with slogans but in practice. They practically revolted against the landlords, vaders and capitalists and threw them out of the halls of power.

He said that the people should question the ruling families and the so-called public representatives of Azad Kashmir. What did they do for the people? Till today, the capital Muzaffarabad is presenting the scene of a backward town. Standard roads have not been built in other districts including Muzaffarabad. Accidents are happening every day due to bad roads and precious lives are being lost.—INP


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