Eradication of polio virus requires sustained struggle


Chief Minister Balochistan Abdul Qudus Bizenjo said on Monday that eradication of polio virus from the country required a sustained struggle.

“Government is committed to ensure that our country is free from the polio virus,” Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Abdul Qudous Bizenjo said.

The CM said that the purpose of marking the World Polio Day was to eradicate polio from the country and to secure the future of children. “Children suffer lifelong disabilities due to lack of timely treatment of polio,” he deplored adding that many countries had eradicated polio with a lot of hard work. Stressing the need for putting collective efforts, he said that eliminating polio was definitely difficult but not impossible, for which we all have to play a role.

The role of media including scholars, civil society and different schools of thought is indispensable in polio campaign. “Due to the unification of all schools of thought, we are succeeding in controlling this disease to some extent,” he said paying homage to the martyred polio workers. “Today we pay homage to our martyred polio workers who sacrificed their lives to protect children from lifelong disabilities.

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