Hindu community celebrates Diwali

Raza Naqvi

The Hindu community of Attock celebrated their religious festival of Diwali with full enthusiasm and religious fervor.

To mark the day the Hindu community lit earthen lamp to commemorate the return of Lord Rama.

At the only temple of Attock special gathering were held. Special sermons were delivered preaching love and peace besides special prayers were offered for the brotherhood and prosperity of Pakistan.

Sweets and meals were distributed among all the community. Pandit Sarwan Kumar and Roop Lal told reporters that this festival is celebrated to memorize the sacrifices of Shree Ram Chandar Jee who spent almost 14 years in extradition in forests and preached Hinduism.

They said in Pakistan Hindus are enjoying full religious freedom and having all rights as being enjoyed by other citizen.

Meanwhile people from different walks of life greeted Hindus on their religious festival and said that Pakistan is committed to protect minorities without any discrimination. They said every citizen has equal right to celebrate and observe his or her religious festival without any fear.


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