Enmity of PPP with people incomprehensible: MQM-P


Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM) Coordinating Committee member and MPA Khawaja Izharul Hassan has said that the enmity of PPP with MQM-P is understandable but enmity with the people is incomprehensible.

“SharjeelMemon used to say that there is no water in Hub Dam, but today Hub Dam is full but the people of Karachi are longing for a drop of water. MD Water Board is not ready to pick up the phone of elected representatives.

”He said In Karachi, the PPP is recruiting its favourite non-local officers on political grounds, who are not even aware of the problems of Karachi and are not even capable of solving them.

In the case of DC, about whom Advocate General Sindh has submitted a report that they are ignorant, if we look at the performance of the last ten months and the last two weeks, Karachi has been destroyed before the rains. Hassan said,

“During the rain a young man was electrocuted and he was blessed with a baby just an hour after his death.

Before the baby was born, he was orphaned. Who is responsible for this? K-Electric’s silence on this criminal negligence and this is a painful incident.”

The indifference of the Sindh government is a question mark, he said, adding that regarding the problems of Karachi, “we have filed constitutional petitions in the court to which neither the Advocate General nor the Attorney General is responding.”


The Sindh government wants to take 4 hospitals in this great city, but before it was said that in the last 13 years, no one has been able to build a model hospital where Zardari and Bilawal Sahib or their ministers can provide better treatment.

He said that the three hundred billion rupees they get from Karachi should be spent on Karachi. He further said that Karachi’s money is not being spent in Karachi.

When the pro-Sindh government was questioned about the problems of Karachi,to hide their corruption and incompetence, they ask our senior deputy convener to get brain treatment.

“We are sending the message through this press conference today that if our leadership is spoken to in this tone then we would respond with strict action.”


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